Program for festivals

Dance performance at the festival
Would you like to have some dancers at the festival to raise the energy? We can do our own dance performance or be background dancers for artist of any kind! We were performing at biggest festivals in Slovakia like: Bažant Pohoda, Grape, Uprising and smaller once too, like is Fashion dealã 2016. We love the festivals atmosphere! We would love to be part of yours!
Recap from Fashion dealã 2016
Look at performances we did at slovak urban culture festival Fashion dealã 2016 in Bratislava.
Dance workshop at the festival
We know how to entertain people at the festival during the day. We can give workshops in all dance styles we do like hip hop, chicago footwork, voguee, waacking, popping, locking, african dances or dancehall. Dancehall workshop by girls from Badd Fyah you can see on the right in the recap video.
Dance battle at the festival
Also form of entertainment is a dance battle right at the festival. We can organize it at the spot from people willing to join, or announce the upcoming battle beforehand so dancers will come and do real show for the people by competing with each other.