Teambuilding, animations

Learn to dance with us at your corporate event!
We don’t care, if you can dance or not. We care about you having a good time. Our dancers can help with that. They are experienced teachers, improvisers and most of all great entertainers. You will be surprised by how little difference there is between a dancing teenager and a dancing senior manager.

Activities we have prepared for our clients so far:
Hula dances on the beach
Because we are so flexible, we can fulfil all your expectations. At our last event, we created a Hawaiian atmosphere that imitated the feel of being on holiday! We taught everyone how to move their hips while enjoying music with a smile on their faces. Summer couldn’t have started in a better fashion :)
Panama, Africa, Folk dance or Hip Hop
A teambuilding activity can have various themes. Do you want to experience the rhythms of Africa? Learn some folk dancing? Or try hip hop? We are as flexible with customizing, as you can possibly imagine. Last time, we received a request to dance in Panaman style, and we managed just fine :)
Short choreography followed by a dance competition
We prepared a short and easy choreography, which we then taught to the employees of a holding company. We divided them into teams, so they would feel like dancing in a step up movie. Then during the evening, the teams had a dance competition, using the choreography they learnt. That morning nobody believed that senior managers had a sense of rhythm.